Croatia has a rich tradition of weddings and festivities. The knowledge may make you many happy thoughts, whether you’re visiting or a local. However, croatian marriages are multi-day affairs with heartfelt ceremonies and energetic fun, which is what makes them truly special.

It is typical for the couple’s and groom’s people to visit each other’s residences during the pre-wedding holidays. This is done in an effort to strengthen securities and increase excitement of the future occurrence. Additionally, it gives the family the option to decline or decline any money requests. Although it is still practiced in some parts of the country, the majority of people today opt out of this custom.

Before the ceremony, friends gather at the couple’s home to meet with family and friends and have coffee and foods before the service begins ( in Croatian: gosti). They are welcomed with a lavender unit that is frequently decorated with ribbons in the flag’s shades and pinned to their clothing as corsages. The attendees leave a container of cash for the couple as a gift in exchange.

After everyone has eaten and drank, the barjaktar will direct the wedding march to a church or city hall croatian women for marriage. The barjaktar is the groom’s colleague, brother, or other relative, and he enthusiastically wave the Croatian flag. He is a very significant number who frequently speaks up noisy and humorous.

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